guiding you to discover the connection to the power of breath and bring pockets of mindfulness into your families day.

are looking to bring more magic into your day? feel lit up, in tune and inspired in life?
Let me guide you..
Here is the home of mindfulness through play-based learning, you will find picture books, free resources, alchemy of elemental breathing, mini courses, workshops & school programs


mini course 28 days of mindfulness

Are you searching for a way to connect with yourself again?

Are you sick of being angry, overwhelmed and stressed parent? Just surviving and not living?

Are you telling yourself you don't have the time, but you need to make a change?

​In this short course you will learn to re-connect with your mind, body and soul in less than 20 mins a day!

​Discover how being intentional in how you begin your day, begins to change your overall mindset.

Listening to Music

Finding your happy voice


Start parenting mindfully now, get back to making connections with your child and find the inner calm.

Hard cover ONLY_Circle.png

The adventures of Ellie's wellies

Get ready to splish, splosh & splash!

Join Ellie and her wellies on a mindful adventure in nature. With whimsical Illustrations by Bronwyn Blackwell, this is a book you will treasure forever.

In this story you will discover just how easy it is to bring more mindfulness and connection into your day.


Mother's Day Card

Family Gratitude Course

Wanting to teach your children the power of gratitude but don't know where to start?

This simple course gives you the framework to start your own family gratitude circle. The course has self paced videos and downloadable resources to get started. You also have access to me daily for support through a dedicated facebook group.

This course is a live course and the next start date is the 1st of June 2021. If you don't want to miss out sign up to my newsletter below to be reminded.

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Teniele Arnold

A life alchemist, inspiring families to connect through stories, breath & mindfulness. Teniele felt a calling to guide and empower families on their parenting journey after discovering the secrets of the breath and how these very simple, yet powerful practices can start the changes for more calm, connection and communication in the family.



”Thanks Teniele for making this book.  It’s important for children to learn about emotions.  We often forget as adults that emotions (like everything) are a brand new experience for our little people, and they can be quite overwhelming and even scary.  This is a much-needed story to help guide our children through these moments, rather than just writing them off as ‘tantrums’ or the  ‘terrible twos/threes’.  I highly recommend this book as it has the right balance of fun and adventure, and includes useful life skills for both children and their parents.



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