Into the Ocean

28 Days of Mindfulness

From chaos to calm in 28 days

Are you searching for a way to connect with yourself again? Are you sick of being angry, overwhelmed and stressed? Are you telling yourself you don't have the time, but you need to make a change?

In this short course you will learn to re-connect with your mind, body and soul in less than 10 mins a day!

Discover how being intentional in how you begin your day, begins to change your overall mindset.

You will learn the tools to take yourself from angry, stressed, overwhelmed mum, to patient mum. When you put yourself first, you gain the inner wisdom to then teach and guide your children.

You discover you have everything already inside you to be the parent you dreamed you would be. You nourish your soul and start a life long journey with mindfulness.

"If it doesn't challenge you. It doesn't change you" - Unknown


Are you ready to put fear aside, to make a change for the benefit of yourself and your children?


For the next 28 days you will discover who you truly are, your values and you will become more intentional with how you choose to spend your time.

You will be guided to new ways of thinking and being.

You only need yourself, a journal, pen and a device to listen to the guided short breathing meditations. You will need to allow 15-20 mins per day to complete each mindfulness exercise.

This is a self paced course where you can work your way through the 28 daily meditations and reflection questions.

After each meditation you will be given a task to integrate the learning into your day and then reflect on the mindfulness exercise.

The investment to choose YOU! daily is $28 dollars, that's just $1.00 per day!


Get started right now learning how you can have a lifetime of free mindfulness.

A lifetime of calm, intentional parenting guiding and teaching your children to be their true selves too.