A story of me

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Meet teniele

Teniele Arnold is a wife, mother, business owner, and creative, who found that her truest calling is breath work. Following her intuition, she has worked to create her own reality of an abundant life, and now shares her wisdom with other families so that they can achieve the same, however that looks to them. Through her books, workshops, courses, and school programs, Teniele guides both children and adults as they discover and explore the power of breath, and unlock their intuition in this space.


Teniele is also an advocate of living an abundant life and shares her own experiences in the hope of unlocking the same feelings of happiness and gratitude in others. Her toolkit consists of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga – all of which can be carried with her wherever she goes! She believes that children are naturally mindful and consciously aware, and she supports them (and their families) to continue living in the present and growing into resilient, empathetic, and joyful adults.


Teniele is currently studying breath works coaching, and has her Meditation, Mindfulness and Kids Yoga Certification. She is also the proud author and publisher of two books, with more on the way.