Join Kaden and his imagination in this beautifully illustrated journey to finding his - and YOUR- happy voice.


When Kaden thinks he has lost his happy voice, he goes on a hunt to find it. It's quite an adventure, full of imaginary friends and exciting twists and turns. But, is Kaden looking in all the wrong places? When his Mummy guides him in a mindful and meditative visualisation, Kaden realises where his happy voice has been all along.


This book will guide both children and parents to pause our busy lives and connect, to move through our emotions, and discover the tools to do so. The story is perfectly accompanied by a free 'Finding your happy voice' meditation voiced by Jody Di Macia - a perfect way to relax before bedtime.


Author - Teniele Arnold

Illustrator - Pauline Murphy

Editor - Jay Crisp Crow

Meditation Voice - Jody Di Macia


Finding your happy voice

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  • Softcover book comes with a QR code to a free downloadable meditation